Cheongsam Smokey Mist Liqueur 750 ml


18% ABV |36 Proof | Shanghai


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Steeped in a rich tradition going back many years, Cheongsam is the premier tea liqueur of the modern era. Whether it's served straight on the rocks, or the star of a creative cocktail, Cheongsam delivers a clean unique flavor sought by cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike.

About Cheongsam:

Cheongsam's unique flavor and aroma stem from using traditional techniques. Cheongsam does not rely on the additives of extracts or colors. All of the exquisite flavors in Cheongsam are derived from high-quality loose tea leaves sourced specifically for our liqueur. “We go beyond just choosing black or green tea. There are more than 3000 tea varieties in the world, and every one of them has it's own distinct flavor and aroma. Our extraction method captures these essential flavors and aromas to ensure they're distinct and vibrant all the way to your glass.”

Cheongsam Tea Liqueur is a product several years in the making. It was developed by a couple with deep roots to Shanghai who have a passion for the humble tea leaf. The globe trekking duo dedicated several years focusing on the most crucial ingredient...the tea.
"We have a deep love and respect for Shanghai history and culture. We wanted the name of our liqueur to capture the essence of everything we found beautiful about Shanghai and its people.
The cheongsam is a stylish silk fitted dress popular in 1920s Shanghai. The dress is elegant, culturally rich, and refined. It's the perfect embodiment of the tea liqueur."

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