About Us

Take the guesswork out of choosing a new drink to enjoy. Sign up for our monthly subscription of wide-ranging, expertly-curated array of craft spirits.

What is Shots Box?

Shots Box is a monthly subscription service and retail experience that brings amazing craft spirits from around the country directly to your doorstep. Our goal is to connect you to new brands, have you enjoy drinks that are more interesting than “the usual,” and provide an easy way for you to share and read authentic opinions on different products.

Be a Better–Informed Alcohol Enthusiast

Take the hassle and guesswork out of choosing a new drink to enjoy. Join Shots Box and let us help you find your new favorite. Our monthly box of craft spirits includes products from across the country that have been expertly-curated and matched to your tastes.  We want to help you discover new brands, enjoy drinks that are more interesting than “the usual”, and exchange authentic reviews on the products included in your box.

If you become a fan of a product included in your box, Shots Box lets you purchase a full-sized bottle directly from our site. It’s an easy way to become a better-informed alcohol consumer.

Who Can Join Our Club?

Almost any one in the United States can order from Shots Box.  Check out the map below to see if you are able to purchase from us.

Spirits For Any Palate

For $49.99/Month, you will get 10 hand selected Craft shots delivered to your door. If you like what you tried, purchase the full bottle in our shop. Cheers!
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