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Welcome to Shots Box – Your New Favorite Liquor Store

​Shots Box was established in October of 2017 by J.C. Stock with one purpose: To expand the reach of craft distilleries all over the world. It started with a simple idea, to create boxes filled with 50mL shots, but it expanded into something so much more.

Shots Box is passionate about the art of craft distilling. We recognize the dedication, time, and resources that our craft distillers pour into their delicious and unique spirits.

Over time, we began to recognize not only the needs and hurdles of our craft distilleries, but also those of our customers. Discovering new, high quality spirits can be difficult in a world where big name, mass produced brands fill the shelves of liquor stores all over the country. Many craft brands are unable to secure space on those shelves, restricting the customers’ access to something much, much better.

We take pride in our ability to introduce customers to their next favorite spirit. By using an e-commerce platform, our shelf space is limitless. We are constantly introducing new and upcoming brands that are ready to get their spirits into the mouths of customers all over the United States.

We invite you to explore our store with curiosity for something new, or to purchase an already favorite product from a distillery you cannot find in your local liquor store.

We are always open to adding new brands to our store, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, send us an email! We will do everything we can to get what you’re looking for.

Meet J.C. Stock, the owner and founder of Shots Box. J.C. has spent his life building businesses from the ground up. His entrepreneurial and solution-based mindset has led him to solving problems in many different industries. Spending his early career in the legal and real estate industry, he was ready and eager to start something a little more fun and dynamic to spice things up. And thus, Shots Box was born. As a man with a passion for brewing his own beer, and sipping good whiskey, he had everything he needed to solve the problems of the craft spirits industry. When he isn’t managing his many companies, he spends his time with his family on his homestead where he raises chickens, goats, and sheep alongside fruit trees galore, or hitting the snowy slopes of Utah where he was born and raised. We couldn’t ask for a better company owner!

Meet Bri Osthed, our chief operating officer. Bri has been working alongside J.C. with his many other companies since 2016 and was excited to begin a new project when he brought the Shots Box concept to her. She is passionate about creating an environment where staff are motivated, business runs smoothly, customers are happy, and distilleries have their needs met. Filling in wherever she is needed, there’s a chance you’ll hear from her whether you’re a customer or a distillery. Bri has a passion for hard work and spends her time running her own business, The Homesthed, on the countryside of Florida where she breeds and sells high-quality emus, poultry, and goats. With 100+ animals on the farm, she has her hands full, but it doesn’t deter her from providing excellent management for Shots Box.

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