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Wildrye Wildflower Using Five Drops Bourbon

Wildflower Cocktail Recipe

In a lowball glass muddle 1 Orange Slice

2 Dashes Lavender Bitters

Fill Glass to top with ice

1 oz Wildrye Bourbon

Top with Ginger Beer

Garnish with a blackberry or fruit of choice.

“I’m a whiskey drinker and I just love [Five Drops Bourbon]! Their Wildflower cocktail is soooo good and refreshing! “


Nicole, MT

“The [Five Drops] bourbon was amazing, and I have never had a better [Cocktail]” 


Bradley, MT

“Pack a flask with Wildrye’s Five Drops bourbon whiskey for a kick-in-the-shorts style mountain-top celebration.” 


Dawn, MT

Wildrye Five Drops Bourbon


In 1900, the Garnet Mining News touted Five Drops tincture as “The Pleasantest Most Powerful and Effective Never-Failing Tonic” for nearly everything. In a gesture to Montana history, we have created Five Drops Bourbon. Our Family has grown sweetcorn in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley for nearly 40 years. This handcrafted bourbon whiskey puts a new twist on time-honored tradition by using our family’s finest Montana sweetcorn, fresh from the field.

Spirit Description

Five Drops is mashed with a hint of malted barley using pure Montana water, distilled on our custom-built equipment, and aged in new American oak. The result is an unbelievably smooth, flavor and aroma-rich Montana Bourbon Whiskey. We age our Five Drops Bourbon Whiskey in SMALL CHARRED OAK BARRELS in a warehouse in Montana with no temperature control. This means high surface area (more wood touching less whiskey) and large temperature changes (hot in the summer, cold in the winter). This is part of the reason why (the rest is a trade secret) we can create such a smooth, tasty bourbon in a shorter than usual period of time. With Wildrye’s special RED LETTER aging method, 1 year is similar to four years in a traditional barrel house.

Don’t believe us? Take the Pepsi challenge. The proof is in the pudding, or whisky to be more specific! GIVE US A TASTE TEST!


Price: $54.99



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