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Discussion – 


Where’s all the rum gone?

Hello there Craft Aficionado, welcome to the Shots Box Speakeasy.

We have prepared the table so join us as we sip on one of the very first spirits made, Rum.

Ahhh yes…Rum. The drink of choice for pirates and those that just want a delicious sip. Rum is an underrated spirit that leaves a sweet taste on the palate when mixed with exotic flavors and other beverages. 

Lord Byron said it best when he said, “There’s nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.”

Rum was manufactured, distilled, and made long before any other spirit. It’s history is a vast one filled with stories, and fables. It was the first branded spirit made.

Our Selection of Rum is some of our personal favorites.

Take a dip and check out all our rums here.




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