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Tipsy Tuesday: 3 Easy At-Home Cocktail Ideas!

Practicing social distancing? Well we’re bringing the bar experience to you. We crafted these easy to make cocktails that bring the flavors of the world right to your door step. Everything you need is available in our shop, so now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

The NamGin & Tonic

The classic Gin & Tonic derives its roots from the British, and has a long history of medicinal purposes. Having gone through years of experimentation, we are left with what is now the classic Gin & Tonic. This simple yet tasty drink will make for a great sip indoors. We give this classic cocktail a twist by adding our newest addition to our store, NamGin. Coming straight from Namibia Africa, the NamGin is by far one of our rarest bottles. Our NamGin and Tonic is fresh, with a taste of the African Kalahari….Try it it now!


1. 2 Ounces of NamGin

2. 4 to 5 Ounces of 1724 Tonic Water

3. Garnish: lime wedge

Classic Whiskey On the Rocks With A Brandied Maraschino Cherry

What something quick and easy? How about the traditional whiskey on the rocks, with a slight addition of a brandied Maraschino cherry. We hand selected Bozeman’s Montana 1889 Whiskey because it is smooth and bold. With a minimal bite, and a long finish, 1889 makes for the perfect sip of whisky while you relax around the house.


1. Place 3 standard sized ice cubes in a glass

2. Pour 1/3 cup of Montana 1889 Whiskey

3. Add a Copper & King’s Brandied Cocktail Cherry



The Spicy Margarita

Want something with a little more kick to it? We got you…Try our Spicy Margarita using Tanteo’s Jalapeño infused tequila. Get a taste of Mexico’s spicy tradition with this simple combination. We used an all natural mixer to bring out the flavors of this unique tequila.


1. 2 oz. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

2. 1 oz. of Hella Margarita Mixer or Lime Juice

3. Garnish with a lime wedge or Jalapeno Slice




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