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Tai Chi Chinese Gin is an odd brand born out of love of Chinese Gin and a family dispute. This specific gin, Tai Chi, began from a disagreement between a loving father and his son who wanted to flex his wings. 

Both the father and the son want to enrich the lives of others with the history of China paired with liquor. The son, founder of Bitter Journey, demanded market research for the products the father wanted to bring to market. The father is old school and grew up with like-minded guys, like Steve Jobs who do not believe in market research, and rather, believe in making an insanely great product that they themselves love and then educate the market to follow their lead.

The father resonates with the mentality that Jobs articulates in the ads “Think Different” during the time Apple emerged from close to disappearing to a viable concern ready to take on the world.

The son continually insists on the point that the father is a failure and that his advice and input is questionable at best. The father is happy that the son feels what the father did in the past will be nothing compared to what the son feels he will achieve in the future. He applauded the son for this confidence but the father thinks differently in this regard.

Here comes Tai Chi Chinese Gin.

  • LaFrance Gin 750ml

    40% ABV | 80 Proof | Santa Clara, California

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