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Wood’s High Mountain Distillery Treeline Barrel Rested Gin 750 ml

45% ABV | 90 Proof | Salida, Colorado

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Endless red walls…miles of river…inspiration from solitude… The Grand Canyon inspires many boaters of the west, and P.T. was no different. After many days on the river and many bottles of whiskey shared among friends, the inspiration to distill spirits was born. This seemed like a difficult reality until legislation was passed in 2007 to allow for small scale distilling, Brothers P.T and Lee Wood put pen to paper and lots of elbow grease to make a go at becoming a small scale distillery. “All we will needs is time, equipment, a building, and know how…”. And as time went on, they gained all of these things. An antique German pot still built in the 1880’s that had been sitting around for 50 years was kindly allowed to be put back into service by the Brothers.  She was named Ashley, and she became the work horse of the small batch distilling operation. When the perfect building became available, the brothers jumped on it and renovations came next. The tasting room and distillery opened in December 2012. Wood’s High Mountain Distillery was founded by the brothers with the goal to bottle their passion for outdoor adventures into spirits that shine with the essence of the mountains of Colorado. Enjoy a cocktail or dram of our spirits and celebrate a little high mountain life.
Same distillation process and botanical recipe as the clear Treeline Gin with the extra step of aging in new American White Oak barrels which adds vanilla, oak and caramel notes to the flavor profile.