Wildrye Distilling Apple Pie Liquor 750ml


30% ABV | 60 Proof | Bozeman, Montana

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Wildrye Apple Pie liquor passes on a Tennessee Tradition with a Montana Twist. Our Apple Pie is made from corn-spirits distilled on our custom stills, mixed with fresh unpasteurized apple cider, spices and honey.

Our apple pie is ALL NATURAL! All of its great flavor and sweetness comes from fresh apple cider and local honey, not syrup or flavorings!

We make Wildrye Apple Pie liquor at 60 proof, so that it is strong enough to mix well in a cocktail and not get lost. Try it simply mixed with cranberry juice, or take a look at our recipe page and make a Honey Crisp!

Wildrye Apple Pie is delectable in many tasty cocktails or by itself. Either way, you have our word that it’s so good, you’ll want to eat the ice!


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Montana is full of natural beauty. Many native plants adorn the landscape (including Great Basin Wildrye). These trees and plants help create Montana’s unique look, feel and for those in the know, also its unique taste. At Wildrye Distilling, our philosophy is to let Montana’s unique flora define the flavor and aroma of our spirits.

Wildrye Distilling specializes in the production of unique distilled spirits prepared, whenever possible, from Montana-grown ingredients. Rather than importing raw materials from out-of-state to try and imitate established liquor styles, we use local ingredients to create spirits that have their own unique Montana style and taste.

This philosophy not only allows us to produce spirit styles that are unique to Montana, it reduces our carbon footprint while helping to support local agriculture, and the Montana economy. Although we don’t produce traditional distilled spirits, we do respect time-honored, production methods. All of our products are made from healthy ingredients and are chemical and preservative free. Wildrye Distilling products are hand-made and bottled in Bozeman, we even grow, and pick our own sweetcorn for our Five Drops Bourbon Whiskey on our family farm in Corvallis Montana.

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