Wild Rag Vodka


750ml | 40% Alc by Vol | 80 Proof
Distilled from Cane Sugar
Gluten Free

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Wild Rag Vodka is masterfully hand crafted and column distilled in small batches.  Everything is done in-house and hands on.  The Distiller himself takes the entire Vodka run – from fermenting, to stripping, then distilling, to blending, and filtration – while continually examining his Vodka for excellence.  The Vodka is only bottled when he has achieved the highest quality vodka.


***This product may not be shipped to Texas***

All about Wild Rag® Vodka

Royel Aguilar is the Master Distiller and Founder of South Texas Distillery home of  Wild Rag®Vodka.  A four-generation Aguilar, Royel still lives on the very property where he was born & raised in Sandia, Texas, where he and his wife raised their children, & where Wild Rag Vodka was also born.  Royel has always loved working hard but his passion is creating great Texas Vodka.  His knack & creativity as a domestic chef – he claims – is the root of his distilling. “It’s just plain simple,” Royel says, “It’s exactly like cooking.  It’s just simple.”  Royel’s appreciation for cooking led to his interest in wine-making and his wine was a hit with friends and family.  He then tinkered with the idea of making vodka and with some pondering and nudging from his family & friends he decided he had to make a run for it.  Royel embarked on a journey to craft the best and most unique Vodka around and his idea became reality. So, there you have it folks & here it is. This Cowboy has crafted a great-tasting, smooth-drinking, premium Vodka collection without the premium price tag!

Right out of Sandia – a tiny spec of a South Texas town- Wild Rag® Vodka is buzzing near & far with talk of the best drink around!  So, if you’re riding, roping or just hangin’ out, please do enjoy yourself & always drink responsibly.

Wild Rag Vodka is taking Texas to a new level of excitement in the spirits market.  This is really a “must try.”




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