Vodka: Western Son Blueberry Vokda 50 ml


30% ABV | 60 Proof | Pilot Point, Texas

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Savor a decadent blueberry cobbler taste with hints of ripe blackberries and raspberries that give a sweet and flavorful luscious finish.

About the Distillery:
In early 2011, Western Son Distillery carefully constructed its North Texas distillery. Unlike the "big guys" with mass produced products and huge marketing budgets, Western Son Vodka is based on quality, not quantity.

Our passion is simply to make the best vodka possible.

Our distillery in Pilot Point, TX, produces only the finest small-batch, hand-crafted products. We skillfully craft and taste every batch to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards. We currently have eight different gluten-free vodkas in the Western Son family.