Treecraft Distillery Whiskey 750 ml

40% ABV | 80 Proof | San Francisco, California

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Our Whiskey is distilled from a unique mash blend of malted and un-malted grain. Our baby bourbon is a limited early release of our bourbon, as it has rested in oak for just 1 year.

Treecraft Distillery provides grain-to-glass spirits. The grains we use to produce our spirits are grown in California’s Central Valley, with out base malt coming from the Northwest and Midwest and specialty malts coming from the UK and Belgium.

At Treecraft Distillery, we believe that necessity is the mother of all invention. Equal to our obsession with distillation, is our devotion to innovation and improvement. Our methods of distilling are as unique and inspiring as our flavors. When it comes to distilling, we believe that there are many ways to do it better. Thankfully, our way of doing it better is also good for the environment, our community and anyone fortunate enough to taste from a batch of our intelligently crafted artisanal spirits.


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