Three Chord Twelve Bar Reserve Whiskey 750ml


53.5% ABV | 107 Proof | Kentucky, Tennessee

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The Twelve- Bar Blues is one of the most prominent chord progressions in popular music. Like the blues progression, Three Chord’s straight bourbon has a distinctive flavor. Just as the progression has unique rhythm, chord structure and duration, Twelve Bar Reserve has a distinctive flavor, smooth character and refined taste. A blend of Kentucky and Tennessee 12 year old Bourbons. Each offering its own character to complement each other. They were born and matured in bourbon country and they ventured to Michigan to join in harmony! Blended to a “Perfectly Tuned Taste”!


84% Corn, 8% Rye, 8% Malted Barley.


Clear and rich. Burnt or brown sherry color.AROMA

Hints of caramel and vanilla.TASTE

Our signature bourbon is chewy and complex. It has an abundance of vanilla, clove, charred oak and a sweet honey character that hangs in the background.


Long and lingering with a charred oak character. Add a few drops of room temperature water and experience a strong peppercorn character.


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Our portfolio embodies the heart and soul of music. Our inspiration for a leisure lifestyle that encourages you to enjoy your whiskey’s and gather with family, friends and community! Like the feeling you get when you hear that perfect song, you’ll know that our whiskeys are right from the first sip. It sings with so much flavor you will want an encore!
One night as I was sipping bourbon with friends, the conversation naturally turned to music. Sound. Vibrations. We began to wonder how that might affect a bourbon. Could sound impact the complexity and character of a fine spirit?

What did we know about bourbon? Well, we knew we loved it. We heard that 60 plus percent of the bourbons flavor came from wood aging. Did we know we could develop an innovative blending process that would create a distinctive taste profile? Maybe.

We didn’t know we could … but we BELIEVED we could and so we set out to do just that.
When I first began playing guitar, I realized that if I could learn to play three basic chords — the roots of the blues — feel their meaning, perfect their sound, I could have a career in music. I also recognized that the beauty of the perfect melody, the arrangement of those notes and vibrations of those tones, could impact one’s mood and elicit powerful emotions.

One night as I was sipping bourbon with friends, the conversation naturally turned to music. Sound. Vibrations. I had an epiphany: take that same philosophy of making music and apply it to blending bourbon. Use the concept of sound and vibrations that affect our hearts and souls to alter and enhance the structure of bourbon. I understood how bourbon aged in wood. Could rhythmic disruption blend a bourbon that embodies the influence of those three chords: balanced, bold, and Perfectly Tuned?

What did we know about bourbon? Well, we knew we loved it. Did we know if we could develop an innovative process using rhythmic disruption that would create a distinctive taste profile? Maybe.

But we wanted to do more than just create another bourbon. We wanted to shake up the industry yet maintain respect for the tradition and legacy of heritage bourbons. To look at the process differently. To create a taste profile comparable to the finest bourbons in the world. To craft a new classic bourbon with the same precision and passion with which I create music. The product we created is Three Chord Bourbon. The process with which it is blended we call “Perfectly Tuned Taste.”

Neil Giraldo

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