The Gael JJ Corry Irish Whisky 750 ml


46% ABV | 92 Proof | County Clare, Ireland

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"Louise McGuane is bringing it back with the first release of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey - The Gael.  J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey has resurrected this lost art of Irish Whiskey Bonding, under the brand of the renowned 19th century local Whiskey Bonder, J.J. Corry from Co. Clare.

The company sources new make Whiskey Spirit from Irish distilleries and matures it in a purpose built bonded rackhouse on the McGuane Family farm in Cooraclare, Co. Clare, right along the Wild Atlantic Way.  While waiting for J.J. Corry's spirit to come of age, Louise blends sourced mature whiskey to create her own unique house style.

Named after a bicycle that J.J. Corry invented, in tribute to his inventive spirit, Louise named the first release: J.J. Corry ‘The Gael’, which is a classic style of blended Irish Whiskey, bursting with fruit flavors and underlying complexity.  ‘The Gael’ is a blend of 26 year old Single Malt (5%), 15 year old Single Malt (27.5%), 11 year old Single Malt (27.5%), and a 7 year old Grain (40%).

To make the Gael, the J.J. Corry team first sourced excellent quality and very rare mature Irish Whiskey. They then set about classifying each cask into a particular flavor block. Finally, they blended different casks to create a classically sweet but complex Irish Whiskey. We are passionate about transparency at J.J. Corry and for this reason we do not add any artificial coloring or ingredients; and, we do not chill filter. Our first release is a hand crafted batch of just 7,000 bottles."

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Hints of fresh bergamot & beeswax
  • Palate: Ripe white stone fruit & lime, with minerality & pink pepper corns
  • Finish: Medium length, minerals again with dried grapefruit & apple notes

Awards and Accolades

  • Gold Medal Irish Whiskey Awards 2017
  • Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2018
  • Whiskey Advocate 90/100
  • Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast 92/100
  • The Irish Times Whiskey Review 92/100

J.J. was a true entrepreneur and innovator, born on a farm close to our brand home,  because he was not the first born son he was forced to make this own way in the world. We know that he dabbled in auctioneering before he set up this shop in 1890. Once he did acquire the premises and after marrying the girl from the pub next door, he immediately set about setting up his own brand. The town of Kilrush was a busy international port in the 1890s and J.J. would have purchased goods from all over the world directly from the Ship’s Captains’ fresh from their travels. He sold tea from India, Rum from the Caribbean, Wine from France, Port from Portugal in addition to Guns, Ammunition and Bicycles. A true renaissance man J.J. was a pillar of the community and an early adaptor of technology. He even went so far as to invent a Bicycle called ‘The Gael’ in the 1890s.  But most of all he was known for his hospitality and of course his  whiskey.