Stonehouse Bon-Fire Bourbon 750ml


40% ABV | 80 Proof | Winston, Montana

Delivery Expected the First Half of 2024 (we will keep in touch with customers who order now)

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This product is currently on Backorder with delivery expected sometime during the first half of 2024. We will touch base with customers as we receive updates from the Stonehouse Distillery!

Bon-Fire is our first bourbon whiskey, purposely released on July 9 2016 to commemorate the birthday of Roland Belford "Bon" Scott, perhaps the most iconic and charismatic rock singer. This small batch of bourbon has been carefully crafted using our recipe of corn, wheat and malt then slowly distilled. This combination of grains produces a sweet flavor with a hint of spice. Matured in a charred American oak barrel, Bon-Fire offers a flavorful, full-bodied whiskey that is perfect for sipping in any way you want to rock. This collector's edition bourbon is specially labeled with Bon's distinctive profile adorning the front of the bottle. The barrel selected for this bourbon was carefully chosen by Stonehouse Distillery to ensure it had the perfect balance of fiery smoothness that we think our friend Bon would have enjoyed.


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