Roberson’s Tennessee Mellomoon Apple Pie Shine 750ml


35% ABV | 70 Proof | Tennessee

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Roberson's Mellomoon Peach Shine 750 ml


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Established 2011

Moonshine has been around for hundreds of years. There are many different flavors of moonshine, but our Apple Pie Shine is the smoothest and tastiest moonshine ever made. This will have sippers slappin’ their grandma because her apple pie wasn’t as good!

About the distillery:

East Tennessee Distillery and Roberson’s Tennessee Mellomoon moonshine is steeped in the tradition of the Appalachian Mountains.  Nestled in the hills of Piney Flats, East Tennessee Distillery produces award-winning moonshine for their customers in Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Ohio.

Master distiller Tiny Roberson carries on the Appalachian tradition.  Initially trained to distill drinking water from the sea by the Navy, he refined his technical skills by working over 12 years as a lab technician and analyst for two very large corporations.  Using this knowledge and an interest in “fine tasting shine,” Tiny crafted small batches of “liquid sunshine” in his garage and shared his moonshine to an ever-growing fan base.

Tiny’s hobby became a business when one of his “fans” came back from vacation and brought him an order for 400 cases of his tasty shine.  At the same time, the State of Tennessee began licensing select moonshine operations. Tiny immediately got the paperwork together and launched the business.

Roberson’s Mellomoon moonshine has won several awards including a platinum “Best of Show” award at the 2013/2014 World Beverage Competition and most recently a silver medal at the 2014 Craft Spirits Awards.


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