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Molinari Sambuca Extra 750 ml

42% ABV |  84 Proof  | Italy

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"You don’t say Sambuca, you say Molinari. The history of Molinari is not just the history of a company or a brand, it is instead the story of a name that became an institution both in Italy and worldwide, a name so important it is synonymous with the drink itself.  Back in 1945, in Civitavecchia, Angelo Molinari, an experienced and skilled ‘liquorista’, establishes the company and creates a first-class product, with an unmistakable flavour: ‘Sambuca Extra’. Produced for the first fourteen years by artisans following the traditional methods, Sambuca Extra Molinari quickly grew in popularity all over Italy, becoming THE EMBLEMATIC DRINK OF ""LA DOLCE VITA"" IN ROME. Angelo Molinari himself – helped by his kids, Marcello and Mafalda – suggested Sambuca to the bartenders and restaurants of Via Veneto, which used to serve it with coffee beans (preferably in odd number, for reasons related to superstition). The so-called ""Sambuca con la mosca"" (literally, ""Sambuca with the fly"") wins the heart of paparazzi and Stars such as Anita Ekberg, Marcello Mastroianni and Walter Chiari. IN 1959 AND IN 1964 THE FIRST MANIFACTURING PLANTS for mass production are established; in 1967 Antonio Molinari joins the family business alongside brother Marcello and sister Mafalda; in 1975 opens Molinari Sud S.p.A., in Colfelice (near Frosinone), a brand new ultra-automated plant able to produce 60.000 bottles a day. Thanks to the quality of the ingredients, well-planned marketing strategies and brilliant communication, Molinari Extra keeps infatuating Italy and the world, still under the guidance of the Molinari family; today, the company's board of directors brings together the second and third generation of THE “INVENTORS” OF SAMBUCA. MOLINARI'S BIG SUCCESS IS ALSO DUE TO AN EFFECTIVE, TRULY ORIGINAL, OFTEN PIONEERING COMMUNICATION SRATEGY, MADE OF COMMERCIALS - THE FAMOUS ""CAROSELLI"" - TESTIMONIALS AND CATCHPHRASES THAT SHAPED THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISEMENT. The celebrity gallery starts in the zenith of the 1960s with Carlo Giuffré, followed by top model Verushka, at that time a true icon of fashion; Folco Quilici – an eminent character in Italian journalism – and tennis golden boy Adriano Panatta also star in the parterre of VIPs. In the 1970s, shines on the small screen the brilliance of Paolo Stoppa and Rina Morelli, legends of Italian cinema and theatre, the irony of the incomparable Walter Chiari and the grace of American actress Sydne Rome. Formula 1 ace Mario Andretti is the face of Molinari in the 1980s, lanky Dodo stars in the 1990s campaigns, Franco, a testimonial who is transparent as only Molinari Extra is, followed by the latest testimonial, José Mourinho, the Portuguese legendary football manager, famous for his renowned frankness and transparency. EVEN THE CATCHPHRASES BECAME PART OF THE COLLECTIVE MEMORY. Take for instance ""Un consiglio, quindi, accetta, occhio all'etichetta"" (""Follow my advice, check the label""), ""Non si dice Sambuca, si dice Molinari"" (""You don't say Sambuca, you say Molinari""), ""Ho un solo torto, non sono straniera"" (""I just have one flaw, I'm not a foreigner""), or the one featured in the famous ""carosello"" with Walter Chiari: ""Bere troppo fa male, bere male fa peggio, bevi poco ma bene, bevi Sambuca Molinari"" (""Drinking too much is bad, drinking bad stuff is worse, drink good quality in little quantities, drink Sambuca Molinari""). BEVI POCO MA BENE. A Molinari ad from the 80s says: ""Bere troppo fa male, bere male fa peggio, bevi poco ma bene, bevi Sambuca Molinari"" (""Drinking too much is bad, drinking bad stuff is worse, drink good quality in little quantities, drink Sambuca Molinari”). Thirty years on, Molinari still believes in such motto - drink responsibly. Our products are made using the finest raw materials, should not be consumed in large amounts, but rather tasted and sampled with moderation and slowness, in order to appreciate taste and aromas the best way possible. For such reason Molinari promotes a responsible consumption, according to alcohol guidelines released by the National Health Service. Moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days. However, the Dietary Guidelines do not recommend that individuals who do not drink alcohol start drinking for any reason. Moreover, we recommend avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages in some specific cases, such as during pregnancy, when taking medication, or before and while using vehicles or machinery."

Molinari Extra is a sweet and strong liqueur, anise-flavoured, prepared with a recipe the Molinari family will never reveal, made from star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and rather fine and precious spices.

The technical processes are extremely accurate and precise, in order to meet the highest standards of quality – both for the production and the product. Molinari’s production plants feature top equipment, able to operate in a safe environment, in which the standards of hygiene – according to ISO 9000/2001 guidelines – are just impeccable. For this reason (among others) Molinari is a premium product; the “Extra” in the name states the superior quality of our Sambuca.