Ming River Sichuan Baijiu 750ml


45% ABV | 90 Proof | Sichuan, China

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Ming River is a Sichuan-style baijiu crafted at China’s oldest distillery, Luzhou Laojiao. It is made with methods developed over seven centuries, using sorghum grain-based mash fermented with wild yeast, steam distillation, and aging in terracotta clay jars. It is best enjoyed neat alongside spicy Sichuanese dishes or mixed into a cocktail. On the nose, Ming River evokes green apple peel and tropical aromas of papaya, guava, and melon. On the mouth, there are notes of spicy pink peppercorn with pineapple, anise, and a long, earthy finish.


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Ming River’s distillery resides in the lush port town of Luzhou, in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province. The Luzhou Laojiao Distillery operates out of a facility that first broke ground in 1573, and has been a leading innovator in baijiu distillation. It is best known as the creator of the strong-aroma “Sichuan” style of baijiu, China’s—and by extension the world’s—most popular category of distilled spirits.

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