Crooked Water Spirits L’eau Grand Vodka 750 ml


45% ABV | 90 Proof | Minneapolis, MN

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“Our 100% winter wheat vodka is rested in French Oak which creates a smooth and complex drinking experience. The oak brings forth the beautiful character of caramel and vanilla with a dash of campfire. L’eau Grand is an exceptional sipping vodka that also lends itself to cocktails such as the beloved Old Fashioned.”

About Crooked Water Spirits:

“We enjoy the classic bourbon, vodka and gin like anyone else. Though, we couldn’t help thinking, “What would happen if we did it differently?”. It’s with this obsession and enthusiasm, Crooked Water Spirits was born.

We don’t follow a path, but let our knowledge and intuition guide us to a wide-open world of possibilities. A spirited lifestyle that supports enjoying not just the destination, but the journey there.

Revel in our line of spirits that are distinctively unique to heighten your drinking experience while raising your expectations.

Welcome to a new way of drinking. You deserve it.™”

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