KIN White Whiskey 750 ml


Every bottle of KIN White Whiskey comes with your very own Mule Kit. Each kit includes a copper mug, Q Drinks Ginger Beer and recipe card, and comes ready to wrap in its very own gift box.

40% ABV | 80 Proof | Bend, Oregon to Los Angeles, California

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KIN White Whiskey is produced with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, and some of the best water you can find in the USA. Distilled using a copper still system, we then use a proprietary filtration system that gives KIN its unique flavor and smooth finish. KIN Whiskey, For All of Life’s Moments.

Tasting Notes: Plantain, Almond/Marzipan, Vanilla, Marshmallow

Aroma Notes: Almond, Tropical Fruit, Coconut, Banana




Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

        • Gold Medal –2019

SIP Awards

        • Double Gold (Un-Aged Whiskey/Moonshine) – 2019
        • Consumer’s Choice Award – 2019

San Francisco World Spirits Competitions

      • Silver Medal (Moonshine) –2019


  • Distilled in Bend, OR
  • Brand based in Los Angeles, CA
  • Family Business
  • Established in 2014
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