Crater Lake Spirits Hazelnut Espresso Flavored Vodka 750 ml


25% ABV |  50 Proof  | Bend, Oregon

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“Starting with our award-winning Crater Lake Vodka, we infuse fresh brewed espresso and hazelnuts then add a touch of pure cane brown sugar. The result is a rich and sophisticated but not too sweet; truly the cleanest and classiest dessert vodka on the market.”

About Crater Lake Spirits:

“We just wanted to live in the mountains and make great spirits. That’s just what we have been doing since 1996 when we released Crater Lake Vodka and Gin to the people of Oregon to enjoy. We are America’s most award winning small batch distillery and have ignited the craft cocktail revolution.

In the past 20 years we have grown. Releasing new products such as infused vodkas (Hazelnut Espresso, Pepper, and Sweet Ginger), Reserve products, ground to bottle Estate products, Special Projects (Hatch Green Chile Vodka, Northwest Berry Vodka), and Rye Whiskey. Also, we have expanded out of Oregon and are distributed in twenty-six states.”

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