Hartford Flavor Wild Moon Liqueurs Variety Pack 6 qty 100 ml


20% ABV | 40 Proof | Hartford, CT

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The variety pack consists of six flavors (Cucumber, Rose, Cranberry, Lavender, Birch, and Chai Spice) in 100 ml bottles.  The pack also contains a cocktail recipe booklet with 40 recipes.

The variety pack provides enough Wild Moon for over a dozen cocktails/mixed drinks.  Great for gift-giving, parties, and personal enjoyment as there is at least one flavor that is sure to be enjoyed by all!

**Watch for Wild Moon Liqueurs 750 mL and 375 mL bottles coming soon to Shots Box!

About Wild Moon Liqueurs:

"Our mission is to provide the liquor market – mixologists, retailers, and consumers – with uniquely flavored natural liqueurs that are on-trend and align to the idea that the creative cocktail is an essential aspect of both the social and dining experiences.  We want to be both a part of and to extend the new “cocktail culture.”

This venture is about celebrating the amazing, organic botanicals that are so much a part of our lives, yet somehow have been forgotten. We want this to be a reminder. We want to fill the hole in the market for unusually flavored, botanical liqueurs.

Liqueurs are basically sweetened tinctures. In Medieval and Victorian times, tinctures and herbal medicines were sweetened following their creation to help conceal the bitter taste.  ‘A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down’ is exactly what a liqueur is. Most liqueurs of the past were used for the medicinal properties, to aid in digestion, and to help with ailments. We want to get back to this idea – healthful drinking!"


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