Hard Ice Wild Raspberry 200ml – 6 pack


6.8% ABV | 90 Calories per 100mL | Kelowna BC, Canada

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We made it easy. No mixing, measuring, shaking or second guessing. Throw your Hard Ice Vodka Freezies in the freezer, wait a few hours, and then it’s time to enjoy! With 11 delicious flavor options and only 90 calories per 100 mL, summer just got way more fun (without the guilt!)!

Hard Ice Wild Raspberry™: Not overly sweet or too tart, enjoy the dazzling and invigorating sweetness of wild raspberries! Enjoy one of the sexiest cocktails of the summer. Wild Raspberry is perfect beach side, bar side, pool side, or babe side!

Ingredients: Water, glucose-fructose, vodka, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, sodium benzoate, color.


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