El Luchador Blanco Tequila 750 ml


55% ABV | 110 Proof | Jalisco, Mexico

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Appropriately racy on the nose, El Luchador is brimming with agave, lemon pepper, and fresh, sea salt aromas. Rich and powerful, just as you’d expect from a 110-proof spirit, but also silky-sweet with notes of nougat, coconut and agave flavors that build on the finish, offering white pepper, lemongrass, and soothing touches of mint as they fade. Creamy and complex, it strikes a balance between sweet and savory that brings contemporary cocktails to life.
Made from 12-year-old agave, El Luchador Organic Tequila Blanco 110 gains inspiration from Mexico’s famed masked fighters—its 110-proof makes it “the fighter of the family.” A distinct terroir and extra-mature agave impart a deep, velvety nature. This still-strength tequila debuted in 2015, and serves as an ideal agave digestif or foundation for classic cocktails.

Founded by long-time agave cultivator and distiller David Ravandi, 123 Organic Tequila is an artisan producer of certified organic tequilas made from estate-grown lowland agaves northeast of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. Ten-year-old, slowly ripened agaves are cooked for two days in traditional stone ovens to concentrate flavor, then double-distilled using a small-batch process. The distillery’s philosophy shines in the liquid itself: A paradigmatic expression of pure agave flavor.

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