Driftless Glen Navy Strength Gin 750 ml


57% ABV | 114 Proof |  Baraboo, WI

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Driftless Glen New American Gin 750 ml


London Dry style of Gin, infused with only juniper. Premium Vodka is the base. High proof makes for excellent martini Gin. Pine and evergreen on the nose, with subtle notes of bark and berry on the palette.

Made with water that travels through the glens and dells that surround the distillery in the region that the glaciers left untouched.

Infused with traditional botanicals, the bouquet opens throughout this entire spirit with classical
juniper notes – like pre-prohibition gins – and finishes with a twist of citrus.

As rations kept for the British Navy, sailors found out unique ways to test the proper alcohol content. This was done by combining gin with gun powder and igniting to ensure 114 proof.

About Driftless Glen Distillery:

Located in Baraboo WI, known as the Driftless Region. A region rich in natural resources and offers a lower PH level than that of Bourbon County, KY, making it the perfect water source for fermentation/distillation. Award winning Grain to Glass craft Distillery. Everything is handcrafted and created on-site – distilling, aging, bottling, labeling. All grains are locally sourced within the Midwest. The malt and barley come from WI and the corn from Effingham IL. Non GMO. Flagship spirits Bourbon & Rye Whiskey. Large portfolio of spirits. First barrels were put up in 2014. There is now close to 5,000 barrels aging on-site in one of the Distillery Rick-houses. Our scale and capacity to produce is impressive and seen as one of the largest in the US.

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