Crooked Fox Bourbon 750 ml


40% ABV| 80 Proof | Tennessee & Kentucky

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Crooked Water Spirits Old Hell Roaring Bourbon 750 ml


After carefully maturing (our bourbon) in wooden casks, we go barrel by barrel, selecting the best tasting bourbons to create a whiskey with rich flavors of smoked maple, vanilla, nutmeg, oak, and malted barley with hints of rye. The result is a high quality whiskey that even the most sophisticated bourbon drinkers will appreciate.


About the distillery:

Equal parts sophisticated and unpretentious, Crooked Fox is crafted for those that overcome obstacles, trust their instincts and come out the other side as winners. This is a whiskey everyone can enjoy, from the curious beginner to the seasoned veteran. Always family owned and operated, Crooked Fox is blended in house to ensure unmatched quality and flavor.

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