Copperworks Northwest Cask Finished Gin 750ml


50% ABV | 100 Proof | Seattle, Washington

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Copperworks Northwest Cask Finished Gin starts with a higher proof version of Copperworks Small Batch Gin and then is finished for around 100 days in full-size charred, new American Oak barrels. Finishing in new oak gives this gin an especially rich and complex flavor profile. The gin lends itself to enjoying neat, like you might drink a whiskey, and it adds new dimensions to gin and whiskey cocktails.


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Selected as 2018 Distillery of the Year, Copperworks Distilling Company is a distillery, tasting room, and retail store located on the waterfront in downtown Seattle, Washington. The company produces small-batch American Single Malt Whiskey, a series of gins, and vodka, all from malted barley. The spirits are distilled in traditional copper stills that were specifically designed for Copperworks and for the distillation of each individual spirit. Copperworks was founded by co-owners/distillers Jason Parker and Micah Nutt—both experienced craft beer makers, who built Copperworks to explore the possibilities of malted barley by distilling high-quality craft beer (without hops) into fine spirits.

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