Atelier Vie Toulouse Red Absinthe Rouge 750 ml


64 % ABV | 128 Proof | New Orleans, LA

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“December 5, 2012, New Orleans — On Prohibition Repeal Day, a day much celebrated in the drinking world, Atelier Vie announces the return of local absinthe to New Orleans, with the release of Toulouse Red. Atelier Vie is only the second distillery in New Orleans since Prohibition; and Toulouse Red is the first absinthe distilled in New Orleans since the
unjustified absinthe ban of 1912.

Toulouse Red is distilled with attention to both the classic methods of absinthe distillation and the innovations from more recent American absinthe trailblazing…

‘Toulouse Red was born in New Orleans, a new indigenous liquor. Our red absinthe is pot distilled with herbs, and infused with additional herbs to create the lush red color of Toulouse Red,’ said Atelier Vie’s president, Jedd Haas.

Toulouse Red is bottled at the traditional 136 proof (68% ABV) and is produced from all natural ingredients. The classic method for serving absinthe, a dilution with ice water at ratios in the range of 3:1 to 5:1, produces a final drinking strength of about 23 to 34 proof (11.5% to 17% ABV) – about the strength of a strong wine.”

About Atelier Vie:

“Atelier Vie is a craft distillery in New Orleans, founded by Jedd Haas to address the need for a greater variety of locally produced distilled spirits.”

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