Quincy Street Distillery Vodka 750 ml


40% ABV |  80 Proof | Riverside, Illinois

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Quincy Street Distillery Dry Gin 750 ml


“Our Quincy Street Distillery Vodka is handmade from our bourbon whiskey feints. It is distilled a total of five times, and then gravity charcoal filtered five times before bottling. Our Vodka has a distinctive flavor and sweetness that comes from our bourbon corn mash, reminiscent of kettle corn.”

About Quincy Street Distillery:

“Quincy Street Distillery creates historically-inspired spirits based on classic and original formulas which result in unique expressions of taste. The distillery operates in a storefront in the very heart of historic Riverside, Illinois, the first commercially planned suburb in the United States that still preserves its 19th century charm and gas-lit streets. Quincy Street Distillery honors this legacy with meticulously crafted small-batch spirits that balance the creative with the classic, as well as through our commitment to using the finest regional ingredients, and collaborating with other local artisans. The handmade, pot-still whiskies currently include the longest-aged whiskies made in Illinois.”

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