Maggie’s Farm Queen’s Share Rum Unaged 375 ml


55% ABV | 110 Proof  | Pittsburgh, PA

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Maggie's Farm Falernum 750 ml


“Maggie’s Farm Queen’s Share is derived from a unique distillation technique that produces a spirit that’s extremely full-bodied and fully-flavored. We save the end runnings, or the “tails” from ten batches of our white rum and then re-distill the heavy, oily tails to separate and re-concentrate the residual ethanol while maintaining many of the flavorful and aromatic parts of the tails that give it a distinctive character and body.”

About Allegheny Distillery:

“Allegheny Distilling is an urban distillery located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh and maker of Maggie’s Farm Rum, the first commercially-available Pennsylvania-made craft rum since Prohibition. Maggie’s Farm is more about what it isn’t, a corporate entity where marketing gimmicks and bottom lines trump taste and quality. Maggie’s Farm is an independent craft distillery founded without the support of banks, venture capitalists, and rich relatives.”

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