Boldt Clear Whiskey 750 ml


47% ABV | 94 Proof | Humboldt County, CA

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“Did you know all distilled spirits start off clear as water?  It is true… even if we distilled purple potatoes or red corn!

There are only 4 ingredients in our Clear Whiskey;

·       Filtered water reinfused with select minerals

·       Locally grown and freshly milled grains

·       Enzymes that help convert our starches into sugars

·       Yeast straight from the heart of Bourbon Country

We are proud to say this was Humboldt County’s first Whiskey!

Each batch is 100% of a single grain.

Varietals include: Soft White Alturas Wheat, Hard Red Hollis Wheat, Gazelle Rye and AGS-104 Rye.”

-Alchemy Distillery

About Alchemy Distillery: Located in Humboldt County, CA

“Our spirits are always made from freshly harvested grains as local as we can find them.  We mill all of our grains on site immediately before cooking, similar to grinding coffee beans just before brewing a cup. Our first choice is always to use locally grown grains.  When we have exhausted our sources in Humboldt County, we expand our search throughout California and then Oregon as needed.

As a locally-minded business, it is incredibly important to us to source our ingredients as close to home as possible.

We are proud to say that all of the equipment in our distillery is Made in America from our boiler, still and cooker all the way down to our bottles and corks.”

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