Adelaide’s Dreamsicle Orange Cream Liqueur 750 ml


14% ABV | 28 Proof | Kimball, Nebraska

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“Our PURE Line of Adelaide’s Dreamsicle™ Creams is made from Genuine Natural Ingredients. Rich chocolate pieces, smooth nut butters, rich spices, tropical fruits and flowers. With no additional flavors are combine to create luxurious alcoholic beverages to delight your taste buds.”

About Carr Spirits:

“Tom Carr is the chairman, founder and CEO of Carr Spirits. Along with Tom, senior managers are members of the company in roles of finance, marketing, operations and sales. Tom began his career in the beverage industry immediately after graduation from the University of Southern California. Tom’s career involved senior management positions at The E&J Gallo Winery, The Paddington Corporation, IDV/Diageo, Luxco, Margaritaville and Sazerac. After 31 years in the industry, Tom decided to form his own company, by purchasing Fuegon® and joint venturing with the Hog Master® parent company.

The mission of Carr Spirits is to identify spirit categories in need of innovation, and developing brands to meet the needs of all trade partners, and primarily, the need of the drinks consumer. Carr Spirits will never be a ‘me too’ branded company, instead opting to bring excitement to various categories. Fuegon® is the original Red Licorice Liqueur, Hog Master® is the go to brand for an imported herbal liqueur with sophistication. Hog Master® is at home in a “mixology bar and restaurant” as well as the local “biker bar”. The launch of the Adelaide’s® Dreamsicle™ brand brings an important cream liqueur family to the market. These flavors are blended in the USA, are unique and consumer tested.  The Adelaide’s® Dreamsicle™ family currently includes Orange Wine Cream, Caramel Mocha Mojo Liqueur and Coconut Liqueur with new unique flavor extensions in both the liqueur and wine cream categories coming throughout 2017. These cream items are the first innovation to the cream segment in years. Look for future items to come from Carr Spirits, all of which will be well thought out, exciting, and history making.”

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