Choya Yuzu 750 ml


15% ABV | 30 Proof | Osaka, Japan

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Choya Sparkling 750 ml


Yuzu is a citrus spirit created with the yuzu citrus fruit and sugar cane spirit.
Famously cultivated in the Shikoku island of Japan, thorny yet beautiful yuzu citrus infuses this liqueur with floral wonders and its refreshing citrus taste brings out the best of this luxury drink.
About the Distillery:
This distillery is located in Osaka, Japan, which is close to Wakayama prefecture because the area is known for good quality of Ume which is the base fruit of the spirits they produce. They harvest Ume in June from local farmers for their spirits.
CHOYA has over 100 year history in Japan and focus on creating premium real Umeshu.
We’re the NO.1 Umeshu company in Japan and use only natural ingredients. (No artificial additives).
Ume is a fruit similar to a plum and apricot that is high in organic acids, minerals, vitamins and has 2x the dietary fiber of an apple with numerous health benefits.
Some of the health benefits Choya believes it provides to the consumer are:
➢ Prevent fatigue and eliminate
➢Sterilization and antibacterial
➢Promote liver function recovery
➢Prevention of cancer and aging
➢Promote digestion
At CHOYA, we use only the best ume fruits with thick flesh high in acidity. Harvest is collected in June once a year.
We use only natural ingredients (ume, sugar, cane spirit) to prepare our ume liqueur in a traditional way.
We slowly age our ume liqueur in ideal environment for at least 1 year to achieve the best flavor and taste.
In Japan, there is a proverb which states that ume can kill three kinds of poisons: those in food, water, and blood.

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