Callisto Rum


40% ABV | 80 Proof | California

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Callisto is a botanical rum that captures the essence of California’s great outdoors through its locally sourced, hand-selected, ingredients. Our bespoke blend of lightly aged rums is infused with a unique mix of Californian flowers, herbs, seeds, roots and bark that carries you from the waterfalls of Yosemite to the crashing waves of the Lost Coast. The botanicals create a pine and floral base, while adding a dry and crisp finish to Callisto. The blend of rums build a fullness of flavour through their creamy texture and a hint of salty sweetness. Both pair perfectly to produce an incredibly smooth, and distinctly Californian, spirit.
Designed to be drunk either on the rocks or in a wide array of cocktails, Callisto is exceptionally versatile. See our website or Instagram for more cocktail ideas.


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Callisto is rum reborn!
A pioneer in the botanical rum space, Callisto introduces a new generation of rum to the next generation of spirit drinkers. Challenging preconceived notions of what a rum can be, Callisto presents a fresh and distinctly California interpretation on a centuries old Caribbean spirit. Infused in California with locally sourced botanicals, Callisto’s flavor captures the essence of California’s great outdoors with it’s floral aromas and smooth taste.
Callisto’s founder, Giles, left his native Bermuda – an island steeped in the history of rum – for the Bay with a dream of spreading his passion for the spirit to a wider Californian audience. With his team, they spent a year infusing rum blends with hundreds of different California botanicals, setting their kitchen on fire twice, before they finally crafted the perfect recipe. Thankfully, today the final product is produced with our partners and master distillers at an award-winning distillery in Petaluma, CA.
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