Brunchin’ With Buddies Box


35% ABV |  70 Proof |Bozeman, Montana

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Azeo Vodka 750 ml


This Mixer is from Queens, New York! No Artificial Colors, Flavors, MSG or Sodium Benzoate.

Bozeman Spirits Lemon Vodka is from Bozeman Montana. This family owned and operated distillery is known for using pure Rocky Mountain water that produces the most flavorful spirits. They support Montana Family Farms and Agriculture by using as many local grains as possible. They use copper pot distillation and distill and bottle in-house.

Box Includes:

Hella Bloody Mary Mixer 750 ml

Bozeman Spirits Lemon Vodka 750 ml

1 Mixing instructional sheet with details about both products and what makes them so unique!




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