Brandy: Copper & King’s Floodwall Apple Brandy 50 ml


50% ABV | 100 Proof |  Louisville, Kentucky

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Named for the iconic protective wall that stretches behind their Butchertown distillery, Floodwall is a superb blend of superior, copper pot-distilled apple brandy aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels and 250-liter Oloroso sherry casks from Spain.

By blending American apple brandy with a minimum age of four years, we have created a full-bodied spirit at 100 proof alcohol strength. Floodwall is non-chill filtered with no post-distillation addition of apple flavor or essences, no Boisé (oak flavor or infusion), sugar or caramel color for an authentic, uncorrupted natural flavor and natural color.

This release continues a tradition of celebrating our Louisville hometown and the Butchertown neighborhood. The iconic floodwall, finished in 1957, protects the city from natural disaster from the mighty Ohio River. Stretching from Butchertown to south of Rubbertown, the floodwall is Louisville’s “brutalist work of art. It stands high and proud. It feels like the castle walls.”

Tasting notes

Appearance: Mahogany and almost oily.

Aroma: Earthy, root-cellar, honeyed apple bouquet (unusually fresh) with lovely complexity. Quite floral, honeysuckle and butterscotch mingling with hints of whiskey, oak, and vanilla.

Taste: Quite crisp, frisky and slightly mid-palate. “Scotchy” and a little nutty rancio with sherry butterscotch and red-apple skin. Spicy and a little feisty.

Finish: Oily with lots of legs. Hangs in on the tongue for ages with a racy back end finish.

Copper & Kings apple brandy at 100 proof offers an excellent robust spirit structure to ladder outstanding flavors for delicious, full bodied mixology.

Of course we always suggest that the simplest of pleasures; apple brandy on the rocks (perhaps with an expressed orange peel) offers the most elegant of imbibing pleasure.

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