Bozeman Spirits Bobcat Gold Bourbon 750ml

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42 % ABC | 84 Proof | Bozeman, MT

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Bobcat Gold Bourbon is a limited yearly release. Typically available by the end of August until it sells out. This is a higher corn content than Montana 1889 Whiskey. 84 Proof which pays homage to the year 1984 when the Montana State Men's Football team won the National Championship. Go Cats!!!

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“Welcome to the award winning Bozeman Spirits Distillery located in Historic Downtown Bozeman Montana. The Distillery produces Whiskey, Vodka, Gin & Rum with all of the spirits distilled and bottled on site.

We are proud to support Montana Family Farms & Agriculture by using as many local grains as possible.  The business prides itself on its Montana roots.

If you are new to the Distillery, we are a 3-tier business. We are a manufacturer, retail and wholesale operation. With more and more consumers choosing “Local Craft” we strive to bring you the most flavorful spirits in the West. Our motto is “Drink Local.” We will be happy to explain our production techniques from the grains, mashing, distilling and bottling processes.

Bozeman Spirits Distillery uses two stills in the production area. An Artisan 300 Gallon Traditional Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate and 16 plate column, and an Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate column.

From Mountain Top to Bar Top….Just south of Bozeman lies the Gallatin mountain range. With several drainages that emerge from the snowcapped peaks, water meanders its way into the valley and eventually into your glass.”

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