Boxer Gin 750 ml


45 % ABV | 90 Proof | London, England

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123 Organic Tequila Anejo (Tres) 750 ml


Boxer Gin
A citrusy with Lemon, Orange and Bergamot Zests aroma, very pronounced fresh juniper, eucalyptus, earthy chocolate.The taste explodes with flavour, initial juniper hit with candied orange peel, clean bergamot and pine. Aftertaste is very dry, cracked black pepper and tea.
The concept for Boxer Gin was simple: to create the finest classical style gin possible, using the best ingredients and most advanced techniques.This was largely a response to the increasing number of gins that were departing from the traditional juniper-led flavor profile in favour of alternative, “wackier” ingredients, which in some cases begged the question, “is this still gin?” We took a look at the two main components of classical gin, juniper and citrus, and tried to get the best out of each one. It then took months of travelling (our juniper is sourced from the Himalayas and our fresh Bergamot Peel is sourced from Southern Italy), tasting and tweaking before we came to a final recipe. Boxer Gin pays homage to the preeminent 19th century boxer, Thomas King, also known as “The Fighting Sailor”, who retired as the Heavyweight Champion of England.It draws upon classic British sporting heritage during the ‘Golden Years’ of Gin following the repeal of the Gin Act in the late 18th century. We like to think that Mr King enjoyed a few gins after every fight.

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