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BONBUZ Alcohol-free Alchemy Spirit 750ml


alcohol-free | sugar-free | gluten-free

natural stimulants | 5 calories / serving

Los Angeles, California

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Bonbuz - introducing an alcohol-free alchemy spirit for a new way to cheers 🙂

bonbuz is a functional social beverage designed to amplify the senses and create deeper connections.

imagine drinking without the slur?

imagine drinking without the 32 unanswered texts to your ex?

imagine drinking without asking yourself, how did I get home last night?

imagine drinking + only good vibes?

bonbuz will stimulate your mind + body through natural ingredients, without the toxic additives and hangover. and we promise, it doesn’t just taste like soda. with our super fresh and vibrantly bitter palate, your taste buds are surely up for a sweet tingle.


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