Bitter Journey Bing Zhou 750 ml


40% ABV | 80 Proof | Santa Clara, CA

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Considered the birthplace of Empress Wu Zetian, Bing Zhou is the namesake of this northern Chinese Rhubarb Amaro. Bingzhou is inspired by Wu Zetian’s life during the Tang Dynasty in the 7th and 8th Century AD. The only woman to be Empress Regnant in over 4000 years of Chinese history, Wu Zetian is the embodiment of the ambition and talent of a woman and is one of the great contributors to the Golden Age of Ancient China. Experience the terroir of the Silk Road as it runs through the Hexi Corridor into the North China Plains.

Taste profile: rhubarb, chocolate, angelica, chrysanthemum, tamarind, citrus, mint, smoke.


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Bitter Journey was founded by Richard Wei. Having grown up in a family practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Richard developed a passion for the flavors, origins, and cultural significance of herbs. He started Bitter Journey out of a love of the hospitality offered in sharing a conversation with a stranger over a drink and hoped that Bitter Journey products spark meaningful conversations that can bring empathy back into the collective human experience.

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