25% ABC | 50 Proof | Spain

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Basbas Description
What's new is often old -- and delicious. Thirty years ago, St. Tropez and southern France ushered in a new, refreshing take on rosé that the world has embraced. Now Ibiza, Spain is promising the latest update to delicious, craft-distilled spirits with the arrival of BASBAS, the super premium hierbas payesas or herbal spirit made with only the highest quality ingredients hand picked at their peak. The result is an impossibly smooth, uniquely flavor-forward spirit that stands tall on its own or in a cocktail.
“Bas” means “wild” in Basque, a reference to wild foraged herbs. The recipe has been protected by Ibiza's Carreró family for generations but dates back to 15th century monks living in northern Spain. Often used as a remedy, the monks fermented wild anise, then extracted essential oils of other herbs like rosemary, juniper, chamomile and sage into the alcohol.
This generations-old recipe speaks to the Ibiza most don’t know, epitomizing the Ibiza lifestyle -- grown up. To this day, the spirit is present at practically every toast, meal and celebration in native Ibiza and other Balearic Islands, and we are honored to be bringing these traditions to the world.
Tasting Notes
Basbas comes on light and bright with a touch of sweet island citrus. Super drinkable, soul-warming herbaceousness and an uplifting finish. It’s remarkably balanced and goes down easy before, after or way after dinner. You’ll smell anise, cinnamon, rosemary; you’ll taste anise, sage, citrus; you’ll feel happy to be alive.


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