Azeo Vodka distilled from Apples 750 ml


40% ABV | 80 Proof | Paso Robles, CA

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The heart of this vodka is the spirits distilled to no less than 191 proof. Because it is made 100% from apples it maintains a high glycerin content holding tight to its origin. A light fruity note takes hold creating subtleties that can be enjoyed while sipping on the rocks. With its natural glycerin content it can also enhance anything mixed or added for a cocktail that will elevate even the most basic ingredients.This Vodka, 100% Distilled from Apples, begins with 20 tons of apples at a time. We press the apples ourselves and make the hard cider that will be distilled first through our 4-chamber fractioning tower, and then through our 16-chamber tower, all manually operated. We figure it takes about 18 pounds of apples to make 1 bottle. As for the waste, their is a reason California cows are happy.

Azeo, short for Azeotrope (which we realized early on is pretty difficult to say) refers to the highest possible proof that can be made with a still. Azeo is a Paso Robles Craft Distillery, part of the Paso Robles Distillery Trail and the growing craft distillery movement. Started by Ryan Horn, who had been selling the equipment to the Wine, Beer, and Distillery Industry, who also decided to show the quality of this equipment. Working closely with distiller, David Vondrasek, to reach a quality of spirit that is both great for sipping or creating a higher quality cocktail.