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Azeo Spirit of Agave 750 ml

40% ABV | 80 Proof | Paso Robles, California


Azeo, short for Azeotrope (which we realized early on is pretty difficult to say) refers to the highest possible proof that can be made with a still. Azeo is a Paso Robles Craft Distillery, part of the Paso Robles Distillery Trail and the growing craft distillery movement. Started by Ryan Horn, who had been selling the equipment to the Wine, Beer, and Distillery Industry, who also decided to show the quality of this equipment. Working closely with distiller, David Vondrasek, to reach a quality of spirit that is both great for sipping or creating a higher quality cocktail.

Made 100% from Agave Nectar, our spirit of agave is sure to please the most enthusiastic Tequila or Mezcal drinker.  Our Spirit of Agave displays all the character you’d expect from an agave based spirit with hints of smoke from our smoking process rounded out with our combination of new and used whiskey barrel aging.  


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