Atelier Vie Toulouse Green Absinthe Verte 750 ml


68% ABV | 136 Proof | New Orleans, LA

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Toulouse Green is distilled with attention to the classic methods of Absinthe distillation and uses a formula based on traditional recipes from the late 1800s. “Our green Absinthe is pot distilled with natural herbs; no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors are used,” said Jedd Haas, President of Atelier Vie. “We also have a special treat for visitors to the distillery. The initial bottling includes locally grown wormwood. We provided seeds to local growers last year and now we invite local Absinthe enthusiasts to enjoy this first harvest with us,” Haas continued.

Toulouse Green is bottled at the traditional 136 proof (68% ABV) and is produced from all natural ingredients. The classic method for serving Absinthe, a dilution with ice water at ratios in the range of 3:1 to 5:1, produces a final drinking strength of about 23 to 34 proof (11.5% to 17% ABV) – about the strength of a strong wine.

GOLD MEDAL, American Distilling Institute

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