Atelier Vie Louisiana Single Malt 750 ml


47% ABV | 94 Proof | New Orleans, LA

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Louisiana Single Malt is distilled from 100% malted barley at our New Orleans distillery. It is double pot distilled to less than 160 proof and aged in oak barrels at less then 125 proof.

After several previous releases of Louisiana Single Malt, this new release is the oldest to date and has been aged in a complex process involving multiple barrels.

After distillation in 2018, the new make Single Malt was entered into a 53 gallon former bourbon barrel for initial aging. After one year and six months, the whiskey was transferred into a number of six gallon barrels that were previously used for a different bourbon. After approximately thirteen months, the whiskey was transferred to a 25 gallon former rye whiskey barrel for approximately ten months of aging. The total aging time was three years, four months, and twenty two days.

This is our oldest release of Louisiana Single Malt to date and with the triple barrel aging process, it has gained a distinctive complexity and layering of malt, bourbon, and rye flavors.

GOLD MEDAL, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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