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Our Favorite Spring Cocktail Ideas: Whiskey Sours & Beyond

Looking for great Whisky or Moonshine cocktail recipes for your next event? We’ve got a few ideas for you – from the always loved classic that is the Whiskey Sour to a Moonshine cocktail recipe that’s perfect for spring.

The Bighorn Bourbon Sour

One of the most classic cocktails in history, the whiskey sour. Perfect for the Spring and enjoyable whenever. Using a classic recipe, the Bighorn Sour is one of our personal favorites because of its simplicity yet classic taste.

How to prepare this classic using a craft spirit:

1.5oz Willie’s Bighorn Bourbon
1oz lemon juice
.75oz simple syrup
Mix over ice, garnish with a maraschino cherry.

The Hornet

Fancy the taste of moonshine? Well we got you covered. One of our favorite cocktails is Willie’s Hornet Craft Cocktail. Sweet as honey, with the sting of moonshine.

Crafting this cocktail is simple and tasty:

1.5oz Willie’s Montana Honey Moonshine
5.5oz ginger ale
1oz orange juice
Squeeze of lime
Mix over ice, garnish with a sage leaf or orange wedge.



Cowboy Tea

The popularity of Canadian Whisky goes back to prohibition bootleggers. Along with our pristine Montana water, this whiskey brings you the best of what generations have known – Genuine Canadian Whisky. That is why our favorite cocktail with this spirit, is the the Cowboy Tea.

How to pony up this cocktail:

1.5oz Willie’s Genuine Canadian Whisky
3.5oz lemonade
3oz iced tea
Mix over ice, garnish with a lemon wedge



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