For thousands of years we’ve relied on fire. We use it to cook meat, keep warm, and illuminate the darkness.

Naturally, our favorite drink is also forged by flame. From distilling the mash to charring the barrels, fire is an essential element of bourbon whiskey.

No wonder it tastes so damn good around the campfire.

Available in limited quantities.

The MeatEater team selected this bourbon for its uncommon smoothness and approachable flavor. We could give you a bunch of BS about tasting notes and hints of this exotic spice or that expensive extract, but this is whiskey. Good whiskey comes from clean water, simple ingredients, flawless execution, and patience. When you taste it, you’ll appreciate the hallmark bold flavors of bourbon and a lightly sweet finish.

MeatEater Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in Kentucky and aged in lightly charred American white oak barrels. After blending with snowmelt-fed spring water in Ennis, Montana, this whiskey is bottled to celebrate our outdoor culture and offer us another excuse to gather around the campfire. As if we needed one.

Our whiskey is produced, bottled, and labeled by hand— limited quantities available.

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