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Happy National Craft Distillery Day: Appreciating the Craft Distillers

On May 22nd, we celebrate those that are at the forefront of craft distilling. We celebrate those that march to the beat of their own drum create craft spirits that are unique and artisanal.

Find out what makes craft spirits and craft distillers unique…

Photo: Willie’s Distillery Setting Up a Pot Still

Craft Distilleries

Craft distillers are the artisans creating new products that are outside the norm. With an independent ethos, they are leading the charge to the way we look at spirits.

Comparable to the craft brewery boom in the 90’s, we are seeing a Renaissance of small craft distillers creating artisanal spirits that serve as an alternative to the products of commercial distillers. More often than not, craft distillers source locally for their ingredients and often times feed the local economies.

New types of spirits like whiskey, gin, vodka and rums are being crafted everyday. The distillers often focus on the subtleties of the spirits to bring out unique flavors that set them apart from main stream products. By overseeing the process from beginning to end, every distiller overlooks their process to ensure a quality drink.

Every spirit has a story to tell, and craft distillers are here to make them heard.


How To Participate in #NationalCraftDistilleryDay

Celebrating National Craft Distillery Day is the best way to recognize the makers of unique spirits. The best way to observe the day is to have a glass of handcrafted spirits local to your town. Although we cannot visit local distillery yet, you can always order online and have the spirits delivered to you.

Don’t forget to take a picture, tag your favorite distiller and use the has tag #NationalCraftDistilleryDay


How Shots Box Supports Craft Distillers

In our shop you will find over 270+ Craft Spirits. We aim to be your number one destination for small batch spirits. We have personally met with most of the distillers in our shop to learn about their history and what makes their spirit unique. We are here for the little guy.

Browse our selection and support a craft distiller today.

Happy Discovering…

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