Shots Box is a nationwide, direct-to-consumer, craft spirit retailer. We take great pride in providing our patrons with not only a wide-range of stunning craft brands, but also the remarkable and important stories behind those brands and their founders. In order to grow and expand our repertoire of offerings, we recognize the importance of developing relationships with industry professionals that provide massive benefits to both us and our brands.

Being a craft brand in a world littered with corporate giants presents a variety of unique challenges. Shots Box hopes to provide assistance and resources to overcome those challenges. Below you will find a brief explanation of industry connections and Shots Box Retail programs.


Shots Box offers a full-service ecommerce retail platform. Many of you already have a long list of loyal customers, but this platform offers significant exposure to new customers that have not already discovered your brand. Our company is becoming a reputable and trusted source for curation of only the best craft brands. Shots Box is striving to build a craft spirits repertoire that caters to the diversity of our customers.


Shots Box works side by side with your brand to introduce our customers to the story of your brand and its founders. We recognize that behind the many brands we work with there are many layers of heritage, culture, family, and perseverance. We hope to highlight the artistic nature of all of our brands.


In the United States, the relationships between the three-tiers of the alcohol industry are unavoidable. This means it is crucial that we, as a retailer, have strong relationships with dozens of distributors. Through the years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure we maintain contact with the middle man between us and your brand. We likely already have a relationship with your distributor which creates a streamlined process. If you’re on the hunt for a new distributor, we are able to recommend the best depending on your needs.


Our 2022 Taster’s Club is our improved Whiskey Club. The development of this club is thanks to criticisms and suggestions collected from both our loyal customers and the many who have or will participate in this program. This Club provides a low-cost opportunity for brands to get their spirits to new potential customers. Rather than rely on word-of-mouth or distillery visits, brands can use their 50mL bottles to bring their products direct to consumer. Every other month, subscriber’s receive five sample products. Once they have sampled those products, they are invited to select their preferred product and will receive a 750mL bottle of that product in their upcoming box. This is all included in the pre-paid cost of the club.


Shots Box knows that not all brands are able to realistically bottle their products in the 50mL size. This is a common pain-point we have encountered with our brands. Thanks to a new relationship we obtained during 2021, we are able to refer brands to a distillery that is able to re-bottle the product into 50mLs. We pay for the labels, bottle, caps, and bottling through our distributor. All we need from you is the product. In order to keep costs low, we are looking for brands that are able to provide the product at a reasonably low-cost. Some brands that are able have provided the spirits to the bottler at no cost, recognizing this opportunity as an tangible way to market their products.


In addition to including your products in the club boxes, we invite and encourage all of our brands to create a package insert that provides customers with the description and story behind both their distillery and their spirits. This is an important aspect for many customers. It is fun and exciting for them to find connections between the whiskeys they are drinking and their own life story.

ELIXUOR is a fresh new way to simplify ecommerce for both your brand and your customers. As we in the industry are aware, a large majority of our customers have little to no understanding of the difficulty that the three-tier system brings to the retail experience. Because of this, customers who have visited your distillery, tried your product at the bar, or sampled it at a friends, may have a hard time finding a bottle for themselves. They’ll likely hop on to their favorite search engine and hope to order directly from your website. Unfortunately, many customers will be disappointed to find they must be redirected to an ecommerce or brick and mortar liquor store to obtain their new favorite spirit.

ELIXUOR aims to limit these complications by creating and hosting a simple store page that looks and feels just like your own website. Customers will not have to worry about the feeling of being redirected to an unfamiliar ecommerce website. The development of the webpage is done at no cost due to its immense ease. Hosting of the webpage comes at a low, monthly cost for the brand.

In addition to development and hosting of the website, ELIXUOR will handle all customer service requests, questions, and complaints in order to save the brand time and energy. The customer service team works daily to ensure the maintenance of the relationship you have with your customer.

ELIXUOR coordinates communication with its retail partners to ensure fulfillment of the customers’ orders is prompt and efficient. They take pride in creating an unmatched experience for the customer that reflects positively on your brand.

ELIXUOR invites you to reach out and explore the opportunity to simplify the ecommerce experience for your customer.

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