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Distiller’s Producing Hand Sanitizer To Help Fight Covid-19

During these difficult times it is important to come together in helping one another. We are proud to share with you a list of some of the distillers we represent that have joined the fight against Covid-19.

The list includes distillers that are producing hand sanitizer that will be available to the public, as well as those that are making donations to hospitals and businesses in need. Feel free to give them a follow and join the fight!

Source: Humboldt Distillery Making 1,000 Pounds of Hand Sanitizer

Distillers Offering Hand Sanitizer to the Public

Wild Rag Vodka (Sandia, Texas): They are making Hand Sanitizer.  They’re delivering it to nursing home and hospital facilities only. They no longer have a tasting room so they are not serving the public out of the distillery. Watch their social media accounts for times when they will be handing out to public!

Instagram: @wildragvodka

Humboldt Distillery (Fortuna, California): They are making a 1,000 lb batch of hand sanitizer. They plan on donating the first batches locally to people working on the front-lines, especially to healthcare and workers in food and retail businesses. They will have some available for customers. Check out their social for updates!

Profile: Humboldt Distillery
Instagram: @humboldtdistillery 

Santa Fe Spirits (Santa Fe, New Mexico): They are making hand sanitizer, and sanitizing spray. Check out their social for updates!

Profile: Santa Fe Spirits
Instagram: @santafespirits

Young & Yonder (Healdsburg, California): They are making hand sanitizer and offering it to the public. Check their socials for updates!
Profile: Young & Yonder
Instagram: @YoungandYonderSpirits

Distillers Making Donations to Hospitals and Other Businesses in Need

Bozeman Spirits (Bozeman, Montana): They are making hand sanitizer. Some will go to the hospital as well as other businesses is in need.

Profile: Bozeman Spirits Distillery
Instagram: @Bozemanspirits

SipSong (Sonoma County, California): They are making hand sanitizer for hospitals, fire, police and Sonic internet repair and install teams.

Profile: Sipsong Spirits
Instagram: @SipsongSpirits

Azeo Distillery (Paso Robles, California): They are making hand sanitizer and expect to be able to begin donating Monday of next week.  Azeo is not planning to sell to the public and need to keep our social distancing while we produce product so we can keep up the work.

Profile: Azeo Distillery
Instagram: @AzeoDistillery

Crooked Water Spirits (Minneapolis, Minnesota): They are donating 100% profits to the USBG (United States Bartender’s Guild) for hospitality folks for the month of March in Vegas and Minnesota!

Profile: Crooked Water Spirits
Instagram: @Crookedwaterspirits

Skrewball (San Diego, California): Has donated $250,000 to the USBG Bartender’s Emergency Assistance Program by engaging their followers to share their covid posts about awareness regarding the people who make a living from us going out like bartenders cooks, and restaurant employees. They have also donated $250,000 to Children of Restaurant Employees (C.O.R.E) the California Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Cares Program. Follow their social to see what’s next and how you can help!
Profile: Skrewball
Instagram: @Skrewballwhiskey


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