Mandarine Napoleon

“Mandarine Napoléon was first bottled in 1892, but first produced some time before.

It is said to be a personal favourite of Napoléon Bonaparte. In fact, it was Napoléon’s physician, Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, who first had the idea of macerating mandarins in alcohol and then blending the distillate with cognac. And indeed, the two were often said to have enjoyed a glass together. During the 19th century a Belgian chemist, Louis Schmidt, discovered the recipe of Napoléon’s favourite drink in Fourcroy’s diary and decided to create a liqueur based on the recipe. Mandarins had been introduced into Europe from China in the 18th century and grew particularly well in Corsica, Napoléon’s birthplace.

Today, Mandarine Napoléon is still a real conqueror. The well-known liqueur with its undisputed taste has won many international awards and is sold in 137 countries around the world. Savoured with the same pleasure as Napoléon did 200 years ago.

In September 2009 De Kuyper bought Mandarine Napoléon from Fourcroy.”

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  • Mandarine Napoleon 750 ml

    38% ABV |  76 Proof |  Belgium

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